Bookends 13.4.8 破解版 文献文档管理工具

Bookends 是一款文档文献论文管理软件,可以帮助您收集,查找,组织,注释,同步和发布参考文档。支持通过内置的搜索引擎搜索参考文献和相关的pdf或网页。

Bookends 13.4.8 破解版 文献文档管理工具 办公工具 第1张


Bookends 是一款文档文献论文管理软件,可以帮助您收集,查找,组织,注释,同步和发布参考文档。支持通过内置的搜索引擎搜索参考文献和相关的pdf或网页。兼容Microsoft Word 2011/2016及更高版本、Mellel、Apple Pages、Nisus Writer Pro、Manuscripts 以及 LibreOffice/OpenOffice 4。您可以轻松地将 Sente、Papers以及EndNote 的参考文档和 PDF 导入到 Bookends。


Bookends 13.4.8 破解版 文献文档管理工具 办公工具 第2张


  • New Send Feedback menu
  • Invalid responses from Google Books will be ignored instead of being reported as an error
  • The Cited Works Inspector has been updated for Dark Mode
  • Messages in the PDF viewer are word wrapped and displayed in their entirety even if the width is narrow
  • Live searches will update immediately if you change the search field while text is entered
  • The currently active search field is checked in the Live Search menu
  • Improved connection error detection when downloading PDFs
  • Add a PDF underline annotation to the Bookends database with a right-click in the note stream
  • Updated the JSTOR parser to deal with changes made by JSTOR
  • Fixed a bug where a newly created reference didn't immediately appear in the reference list if a smart group was selected. Fixed a bug where the background color obscured the white text when editing a PDF note in Dark Mode. Fixed a bug where the font of a field could be changed to the System default when consolidating terms in a Term List.