MarsEdit 4.1.3 博客写作软件



MarsEdit是Mac os平台上的一款博客写作软件,MarsEdit支持离线管理几乎所有的blog,包括WordPress、Blogger、Movable Type等数十种类型的博客网站,支持实时预览,提供了图文混排的编辑功能,图片等媒体文件一键即可轻松插入。


  • 以最好的方式来编写、预览和发布博客,适用于WordPress 。
  • 支持离线工作预览格式和内容的发布。
  • 可以非常方便的从iPhoto、Aperture、 Lightroom媒体库浏览照片并能嵌入博客文章中自动上传 。
  • 适合基于web的接口不想被复杂的页面影响分散注意力的职业博客写手和休闲作者。




This update fixes several bugs to improve the overall usability of the app:

– More improvements to the reliability of the Safari extension
– When a dragged image contains both higher resolution and lower resolution versions, MarsEdit now prefers higher resolution
– Improvements to the List formatting macros to make them transform several selected lines into a single list
– Fixed a bug to avoid recompressing images when no changes are made to them
– Restore the ability to upload SVG files to blogs that support them
– Fixed a bug that caused selected custom colors to be unset when clicking out of the color panel
– Fixed a hang that could occur if authentication fails while trying to upload an image to a blog
– Fixed a bug that caused blogs’ to-rexpand their Posts/Pages subsections even if user had collapsed them
– Fixed a bug that caused some standard formatting macros to lose their functionality when a custom keyboard shortcut was set
– Setting the Featured Image is now supported via VoiceOver





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