Djay Pro AI

Djay Pro AIv4.1.3


兼容 M1

Djay Pro AI
Djay Pro AI

Mac毒搜集到的djay Pro是macOS平台上的一款非常专业的DJ工具,帮助你即时访问数以百万计的音频轨道。





  • BPM和节拍检测
  • 灵活的节拍电网与动感节奏的支持
  • 基于频率的波形颜色
  • 按键检测
  • 自动增益/标准化
  • 多核批量分析


  • 超过50 MIDI控制器,原生支持
  • 先进的MIDI学习
  • 支持多声道USB音频接口
  • 支持外部音频输入和麦克风

3、专为OS X

  • 原生64位应用程序
  • 每秒的图形引擎60帧
  • 优化的MacBook Pro与视网膜显示
  • 优化的iMac与视网膜显示5K
  • 多核分析(最多24个处理线程的12核的Mac Pro)
  • 广泛的键盘快捷键
  • 多点触摸触控板控制
  • iCloud的整合:同步提示点,电网编辑和与iOS版本djay的元数据



  • Added setting to sync BPM only for manual beat matching
  • Added setting to choose beat sync interval (1 vs. 4 beats)
  • Added setting to show single CUE button instead of Set/Jump
  • Added setting to always set CUE at the beginning of loop
  • Added setting to auto-play when triggering cue point
  • Added beat indicator in title bar when using Ableton Link
  • Added “size to fit” setting for video and photos
  • Added option to disable multi-touch trackpad control for scratching and moving sliders
  • Added support for Force Touch on CUE jump button, EQs, and filter knobs (on supported trackpads)
  • Added MIDI mapping action to change skip duration with rotary knob
  • Improved set cue behavior: snap to beat when quantize is ON
  • Improved default keyboard shortcuts for cue points and Automix start/end points
  • Improved level meters to more accurately reflect audible volume
  • Improved slip mode and enabled blinking of SLIP buttons on MIDI controllers while slipping
  • Fixed Echo FX tail not working on some devices
  • Fixed Automix shuffle setting not being persisted across launches
  • Fixed Automix behavior when ejecting a track
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts mappings for “Selected Deck”
  • Fixed slicer loop mode behavior on various MIDI controllers
  • Fixed possible stability issues when using RANE ONE
  • Various bugfixes and improvements







  • Tatsuhiro 永久会员 2022年11月9日 上午8:10

    4.0.10版本会闪退,是为什么呢?我用app cleaner卸载重装都没用,而且所有网站的4.0.10都会闪退,人麻了,安装过去的版本也会闪退。但是之前没有这个问题。这是我电脑的问题吗