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Mac毒搜集到的 Sketch 是专为设计师而打造的矢量绘图软件,拥有简约的设计,调色板,面板,菜单,窗口,控件和功能强大的矢量绘图和文字工具;包含针对UI设计的操作和交互模式,让你设计图标、移动手机UI、网站UI等更加简单高效。



Sketch(App Store 精华) 是最强大的移动应用矢量绘图设计工具,对于网页设计和移动设计者来说,比PhotoShop好用N倍!尤其是在移动应用设计方面,Sketch 的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,并且功能更加强大易用,支持自动切图,并且具有移动设计模板,能够大大节省设计师的时间和工作量,非常适合进行网站设计、移动应用设计、图标设计等。



Foresight: We’ve added a feature that helps you preview the outcome of some actions. Now, when you hover over the alignment buttons at the top of the Inspector, or as you type new values in the X, Y, Width, or Height fields, you’ll see an outline on the Canvas that represents the position and dimension of the layers if you apply that alignment or value. This also works if you use the ⌥ modifier for alignment, or use math operations in the inputs. Details

What’s improved
  • When you create your first prototype link in a document, we’ll now mark that Artboard as a Start Point, so you can easily play it in the web app.
  • You can now designate an Artboard as a start point for a Prototype through the Inspector by toggling the Set as prototype start point checkbox.
  • We’ve improved the way Sketch draws rounded corners on curved sections of a path.
  • We removed the checkbox about sharing usage analytics in Sketch because we stopped collecting this information altogether.
  • You can now upload a local Sketch document to your Workspace from the Recent Documents tab in the Workspace window by dragging it into a Project.
  • We’ve made it easier to share a prototype from local documents. Now, when you share your prototype, you’ll be prompted to save it to your Workspace so you can easily share it with everyone you need.
What’s fixed
  • Fixes a bug where converting Text on Path to outlines would skip over emojis.
  • Fixes a bug on macOS Monterey that could cause prototypes to not work properly if Live Text was enabled.
  • Fixes a bug where newly inserted Components would not be selected if they were inserted via the Insert menu.
  • Fixes a bug where paths would be ignored when converting Text on Path to outlines.
  • Fixes a bug where editing a Text Style would not update the text in some Symbol instances using that Text Style.
  • Fixes a bug that could cause SVG files to import incorrectly into the Mac app.
  • Fixes a rare crash that could occur after adding a new copy of an image to a document.
  • Fixes a bug where dashed borders applied to an ellipse would differ in appearance when exported to SVG.
  • Fixes a bug that wouldn’t let you scroll to the end of the Layer List.
  • Fixes an issue where images placed inside a rotated Group or Symbol could appear pixelated.
  • Fixes an issue where an image with a semi-translucent gradient fill could appear incorrectly when exported to PDF.
  • Fixes a bug where the appearance of dashed borders could change when converted to outlines.


  1. 下载附件并解压文件得到 Sketchl18N-master 文件夹
  2. 找到 SketchI18N.sketchplugin 双击安装(前提你装好了 Sketch)
  3. 提示安装成功后点 OK 进入sketch
  4. 在 Sketch 中按快捷键 control command + x 实现(也可以在菜单栏中 Plugins 中找到 Sketchl 18N)
  5. 汉化成功
  6. 备用下载地址




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