OmniFocus Pro 3.1.2 强大的任务管理软件

Mac毒搜集到的OmniFocus 整合了提醒事项、日程、备注注释这些基础的管理功能,而且从事务驱动的层面给予了更多的选择,可以基于分类、时间线、完成度、截至日期、执行对象等等条件推进和管理事务,使得整个管理过程既有组织、条理,也能相互协调。


OmniFocus 整合了提醒事项、日程、备注注释这些基础的管理功能,而且从事务驱动的层面给予了更多的选择,可以基于分类、时间线、完成度、截至日期、执行对象等等条件推进和管理事务,使得整个管理过程既有组织、条理,也能相互协调。如果说Mac里的提醒事项、日历和备忘录是时间管理的初段,那么OmniFocus 能帮你完成时间管理的高级阶段了.




OmniFocus 3.1.2 是一次小更新,重点内容为修复漏洞。

• Notes — Added a Simplify Style item to the Format menu that cleans up note formatting without clearing styles completely. Simplify Style preserves attachments, links, bold, italics, strikethrough, and underline, and discards the rest of your selection’s style information (including font size and color).
• Notes — Improved handling of clipping and pasting rich text from other applications to avoid creating notes with unwanted black text, which made them illegible when using the OmniFocus Dark theme.
• Notes — If the text foreground color of a note is too dark (or too light) to read against the background color of the current theme, OmniFocus now displays the note in a more suitable color.
• Crash — Fixed a crash enabling and disabling columns in View Options.
• Crash — Fixed a crash related to Undo and Quick Entry.
• Crash — Fixed a crash when deleting a tag from the main window, then saving an action with that tag from Quick Entry.
• Crash — Fixed a regression where running a script which populated, then opened, Quick Entry could result in either data loss or a crash.
• Toolbar — Improved the appearance of the Focus toolbar button in the OmniFocus Dark theme.