Sketch 48.1 轻量易用的矢量设计工具

Mac毒搜集到的Sketch(App Store 精华) 是最强大的移动应用矢量绘图设计工具,对于网页设计和移动设计者来说,比PhotoShop好用N倍!尤其是在移动应用设计方面,Sketch 3 的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,并且功能更加强大易用。能够大大节省设计师的时间和工作量,非常适合进行网站设计、移动应用设计、图标设计等


Sketch(App Store 精华) 是最强大的移动应用矢量绘图设计工具,对于网页设计和移动设计者来说,比PhotoShop好用N倍!尤其是在移动应用设计方面,Sketch 的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,并且功能更加强大易用,支持自动切图,并且具有移动设计模板,能够大大节省设计师的时间和工作量,非常适合进行网站设计、移动应用设计、图标设计等。


Version 48:
Color Management – Sketch adds support for working and exporting documents in sRGB and P3 color spaces.
Find and Replace – You can now find a color you’re using, so it can be replaced throughout your document.
Sketch Cloud – Files can now be downloaded from Sketch Cloud – when sharing with Sketch Cloud, the document itself is uploaded with its content.
Symbol Scaling – Symbol instances can now be scaled independently from the Symbol master using the Scale command.
Imported Symbols now remain linked to their Library when copied and pasted between documents
Library previews can now be added by creating an Artboard titled “Library Preview” in the Library document
Improved performance for documents featuring many Symbol overrides
Updated the built-in “iOS UI Design” Library for iOS 11
Improved PDF import of non-rectangular outline masks
You can now hold down the Shift key during launch to disable all Sketch plugins
A shadow’s spread can be set to a negative value to decrease the size of the object casting the shadow
Improved performance of SVG export when exporting Artboards from pages containing many other Artboards
Improved Sketch Cloud UI with a number of refinements, plus added the ability to request access to privately shared documents
Uploads to Sketch Cloud can now be cancelled whilst the upload is in progress
Improved the way overrides are displayed for nested Symbols if their values had been overridden
Improved font replacement by respecting subranges of text using different weights
The toolbar now shows which tool you’re currently working with
The shortcuts to quickly toggle borders and fills (B and F) now also work in the vector editor
Improved appearance of shadows applied to complex shapes such as outlined text layers
Improved various boolean operation results, particularly when subtracting overlapping shapes
Improved selection of shapes with thin borders and no fill
The “iOS App Icon” template has been updated to include Smooth Corners and Symbol scaling
When replacing a layer with a Symbol, the Symbol now inherits the same size as the previous layer
Artboard presets for Android devices are now named correctly
Improved padding for the iPhone X Status Bar Symbols within the built-in iOS UI Design Library
The magnifier tool now uses the document color space when determining the color of the pixel that’s selected or hovered over
Fixed a number of bugs where boolean operations on certain overlapping shapes would have unexpected results
Fixed a bug where picking colors from additional displays would use the wrong color space
Fixed a bug where resetting a bitmap to its original size wouldn’t be reflected in the Inspector
Fixed a bug where the size value in the Inspector wouldn’t update after using the Scale command on a layer
Fixed a bug where repositioning Symbol Artboards within a Library document would trigger a Library Update
Fixed a bug where plugins couldn’t be saved from the Run Script panel if the Plugins folder was a symlink
Fixed a problem that prevented CocoaScript from working correctly on the latest version of macOS High Sierra
Fixed a rare bug where the contents of a Symbol could appear hidden when applying a text override
Fixed a bug where shadows applied to filled layers with either a Center or Outside border might not show as expected
Fixed a bug where shadows would be clipped when applied to certain lines and borders
Fixed a bug where nested Symbol content could be unexpectedly clipped in rare cases
Fixed a bug where a document’s reference to its shared link in Sketch Cloud would be reset when cancelling a Save As… action
Fixed a bug where the size value in the Inspector wouldn’t update after resetting a Symbol instance to its original size
Fixed a bug where Detach from Symbol would misplace the layer’s selection bounds in rare cases
Fixed a bug where Symbol previews would be reloaded several times when expanding an elongated Overrides menu
Fixed a bug where the height of new multi-line text layers would be set automatically when click-and-dragging to insert a fixed-width text layer
Fixed a bug where changing the size of a text layer within a group could cause it to shift position unexpectedly
Fixed a bug where inserting points on rounded curves might have been unreliable
Fixed a bug where dragging a handle control point in the vector editor wouldn’t snap to all possible locations
Fixed a bug where guides would appear to be displayed at the wrong position after ungrouping Artboards
Fixed a bug where dragging layers set to export as JPG from the Layer List to the desktop would result in poor quality exports
Fixed a bug where split paths wouldn’t maintain their correct position in the hierarchy
Fixed a bug where layers inserted using the Pencil tool would always be positioned at the top of the Layer List
Fixed a bug where clicking on the Canvas wouldn’t exit the radial gradient editor
Fixed a bug where the color picker could contain another color picker when choosing a color
Fixed a bug where the Welcome window wouldn’t show the correct document preview
Fixed a rare bug where uploads to Sketch Cloud might appear to be slightly blurry
Fixed a bug where a 0-radius star couldn’t be selected on the Canvas
Fixed a bug where layers couldn’t be selected after selecting to ignore their underlying mask
Fixed a bug where the color picker wouldn’t be scrollable in some rare cases
Fixed a bug where the color picker wouldn’t always display the correct HEX value
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when converting text to outlines
Fixed a bug where the expected color profile wouldn’t always be assigned to images exported by dragging from the Layer List






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